3 Months to go!

Just over 3 months to go to #Shirejam2019. The excitement is building up. We are aware that Ross and Redditch Districts are even holding their own “Scouts got talent” competitions to find those winning entry for Shirejams Got Talent. There is a great buzz out there in the County.

Before we give out further updates, we wish to apologise for the inconvenience that the booking system may have caused you. When we selected the system a number of services, programmes and processes were discussed. At the time it was the best choice to meet the needs of the project. In terms of the administration it remains so. It was very unfortunate that the update presented so many problems for some. Sarah has done a brilliant job of ringing round trying to catch the last of the bookings and helping anyone facing difficulty. We now have just under 4,000 people registered raring to go and updating their own personal camp file.

We are pushing a lot of the organising through your Sub-camp representatives in terms of your camping areas. Each Scout district has their own representative(s) who will be organising the site allocation to their District. This also includes the activities on Saturday night. Section Leaders and GSL, if you haven’t had any contact from your reps please ask your DC or the Shirejam Team!

We continue to update the website www.shirejam.org.uk with all the updates. In the main, you will receive your leaders pack on the 01/06/2019. This will be provided as a link to the website. It will have all the information you could possibly need. Tools to help you plan now can generally be found under their respective headings on the website.

If you need to add people to your booking please inform Sarah on sarah.naa@kdscouts.org.uk or contact us via http://shirejam.org.uk/contact-us

To confirm important dates:

  • 1st May 2019 – All Booking Forms Completed Online and final invoices issued
  • 15th May 20109 – All Payments due
  • 1st June 2019 – Leaders Camp Packs Issued
  • 5th July 2019 – Start of Shirejam

As a final note. If you know of any young person working towards their Queens Scout Award or Gold Duke of Edinburgh, they may be able to attend Shirejam for 5 days and become a Shirejam Staff Member.

They would be on site to help with the following:

  • Installation of property including tents, marquees and stands
  • Installation of technology
  • Site Fixer- helping groups find resources
  • General volunteer
  • Incident Command- help run the hub of the site
  • Help with Communications and media
  • Collapsing the site

They would be able to stay on site for free and contribute to meal costs. If you or your young person are interested and want further information please contact us!

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