Programme Times

Please find below the attachment of the programme times for Shirejam.

Note: There are timings not included on the programme these are:

  • 21:00 to 01:00 – Adult Area/ Bar Open in the Hub – note drinks will stop serving at an earlier time
  • 08:30 Beaver Day or Saturday Night Campers Welcome in The Hub
  • 14:30 VIP arrivals- Invite Only

On arrival and confirmation of numbers, you will be handed a campers pack which will include amendments, posters for your Mess tents and various other bits of useful tips.

A top tip is allow WALKING TIME to programmes, so if you are due to start in the Adventure More Zone, leave 15 minutes from your current locations prior to your start time to ensure you maximize your visit.

Also, Explorer times are slightly different and will be advised separately. This is due to some off-site activities.

Shirejam Programme 17062019