The activities at Shirejam will be run by the following:

  • Shirejam Core Team
  • Professional Companies
  • Third Party Groups
  • Specialist Scout Volunteers ie those holding AA permits
  • Scout Leader/Adult Volunteers

We have booked professional companies to run a number of activities namely watersports and roped activities.

Specialist volunteers have been asked to sign up for time slots over the weekend, see

All other activities need to be run or facilitated by leaders and adults attending the camp.

This simply will be allocated to each group booked on EMS. You will be given instructions on how many leaders in the group will need to report at which activity zone at what time. For those groups whose leaders have signed up for specialist activities, these numbers will be taken into account against your allocations. Sub Camp chiefs/ District Reps were asked to brief groups to encourage preparing a support team of adults to assist with meals and additional help on your campsite to support this process.

Allocation will simply work by the core team allocating numbers based on the following framework:

  • POR ratio of adults of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to Adults in each group
  • No Explorer Leaders following explorers
  • No Scout Leaders following Scouts unless reports of additional needs on EMS
  • Specialist requests from groups
  • Number of specialist leaders pre-registering
  • Fair distribution across each zone so leaders aren’t in the same zone and therefore get to engage in different activities
  • Fair distribution across groups to allow a balanced level of volunteering
  • Fair allocation of time to explore as well as lead!

Allocations will be provided on or around the 1st June with Leader’s packs.

We are unable to answer questions on numbers and processes until then.