You will be able to have:

  1. Food delivered to the site such as Tesco Home delivery
  2. Take-away services such as Pizza or fish and chips

Delivery drivers will not be allowed to drive on site. They will be directed to a formal collection point on the site, near to the entrance. You must book with Site Services to inform them of :

  • Who will be coming
  • When they will be coming
  • Contact name and mobile number to call to inform of its arrival

Shirejam will take no responsibility for accepting any deliveries on your behalf.

If you are having hot food delivered please ensure you follow best practices for food hygiene.

To inform site services of your deliveries please use this form:–2T9yZ83dMF3TL0R1y6ZFjIzSiEoSe0ZURExMUzRMUFdZNVhKMTFLSVVBRlFHNDdVSC4u