Parents Registering your Booking

Your group will have registered your Child’s space including their name and your email address.

You will then have received information to explain that you need to log into a system called Scouts EMS. There is no link in this email to confirm your identity, in fact, you can just head straight over to EMS website and start confirming your child’s booking straightaway.

Scouts EMS is a company that Shirejam on behalf of Scouts Hereford and Worcester are using to safely manage participants information.

To access your child’s booking, you must create an account so that the information is held securely and you have full visibility of what EMS is storing.

You need to create an account using the email address your Scout Group supplied. If your group uses OSM it will more than likely be the one that you get updates from. Otherwise, an email address you regularly communicate with your leaders with. If you are unsure, please contact your leader.

Once you have registered your account, EMS will send you a link to the email supplied to confirm you have access to that inbox. By clicking on the link, you will then have access to your online account. The system is intelligent and will compare your email with bookings on the system. Your child or children will appear in a list for you to process.

If you are a leader in charge of bookings, attending other events that are using EMS you will also see other camps and options.

Please complete the forms within your account ready for the camp.

These don’t have to be completed straight away you have a few months to do this in. But, the sooner it’s completed the better!

If you have technical trouble please goto:

If you have administrative questions please email our Admin Chief at:

4 Thoughts to “Parents Registering your Booking”

  1. Mandy Raiswell

    Hi, I paid the deposit for Whiteman in November for my daughter Jessica Raiswell who is a cub in Leominster, I received the health for but it had my sons name on instead. I have notified Kim and have not received anymore emails since. Are you able to tell me if the name has been changed from James to Jessica, and also when will I receive the link so I can register my daughter for shirejam?
    Thanks Mandy Raiswell

    1. County Scouter

      Hi Mandy,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Jessica is on the system. For ease, go to … use the email address that you have inputted on this post and create an account (its the process every parent has to do).

      The system will pick up Jessica’s details and you can continue with updating the booking.

      Hope that helps!
      Shirejam Team

  2. Kim Parsons

    Hi I have a child Toby Parsons is in leominster cubs and I have paid the deposit of £15 but not received the health form yet can you confirm he is registered and send me the link please thank you Kim Parsons

    1. County Scouter

      Hi Kim,
      Your group hasn’t yet updated Toby onto the system. As soon as this is done you’ll be notified. Plenty of time to go :)… please check in with your Leader’s at your group for progress.
      Shirejam Team

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