Programme updates…

Please find the following links to download the latest information relating to your Shirejam Experience!

Confirmed Programme Times:

Leader and Specialist Leader Allocations for Programme Delivery

As we approach Shirejam we will be providing updates via Facebook, and by email. Watch out for pre-camp challenges and Digital updates!

The following is winging its way in the post to Group Leaders and will be with them shortly:

* Registration /Attendance Sheet
* Wrist Bands
* Any other paperwork, relevant to your booking from the Admin Team

If you have any questions please email or message us here!

2 Thoughts to “Programme updates…”

  1. Angela Barclay

    When will we be given programme allocations? I’ve searched the whole site several times and there is hardly anything on how access to all the activities is being organised. An essential part of the youngsters experience is being prepared for what they might and more importantly not get to do! Also will they be able to do things with their friends/youngsters they know or all be allocated to different groups. How is fair access to the most popular activities being ensured?
    Hoping to find answers soon

    1. County Scouter

      All available now on site and has been emailed out to leaders!
      See you on site!

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