Security Updates for Registrations

EMS – the booking system for Shirejam have provided an update for Group Users:

With great excitement I write this email to tell you about a major update to Scouts EMS !

Version 4 increases the security of the logging in process while making multiple roles easier to manage for a single person, we’re finally removing the logging in by passcode for health forms & groups and replacing them with secure passwords set by each user.

As a group administrator you will now be able to manage multiple groups at multiple events from the same login without needing to login multiple times with different accounts!

On Monday morning all existing logins stopped working. Everyone who accesses Scouts EMS will need to create a new account, details can be found at the links below. Everyone will be able to login at using the login tab but people will no longer need to select their user level.

Group administration & Health Forms will now be linked to email addresses. This removes the need receive emails with health form passcodes in as once you have added the health form for a user, it will show in their account ready to be completed.

For an extra level of security; Group Admins you will need to use Two Factor Authentication to access your data, to do this we are using a 3rd party application called Authy. If you have some time between now and Monday you may find it beneficial to download the Authy app on to your device by visiting – while it is advised to run the app on your smart phone (for portability reasons) you can also install it on computers and laptops. You will need to register for an Authy account too in readiness for Monday. You will be required, as a group admin, to re-verify your account every month.

I ask that you please communicate this change with your groups and explain the new login process with them. Remind them that their existing logins will not work and that they will need to create an account to access health forms. Here’s a link which summarises the updates for end users: Version 4

While we expect this process to be a swift upgrade, obviously the process of getting 5000+ individuals creating an account could cause some extra issues and questions so our support ticketing system has been upgraded to make submitting an issue easier. Our live chat option will also be more available and our knowledgebase has been updated. Any issues or queries must be directed to our support system below and not to event administrators.

I’ve included a series of links below that will support you and your users starting Monday.

Thank you for your continued support,

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