Top Tips for April

As we get closer to Shirejam 2019, a number of questions will pop up. Leader’s packs will be issued on the 1st June 2019. These will be comprehensive and a complete guide for the weekend.

Before we get there some top tips…

  1. Consider how your young people will get to the venue. Arriving in groups will be easier for you to get them into the site than in single numbers
  2. Make sure your details are correct and remind parents to complete their registrations on EMS- the booking website.
  3. Check in with your district reps after 15th April. They will have had a site visit and be much better informed on how to get your districts to camp together
  4. Try and create a cook support team separate to your leadership team. You will be too busy to cook and have fun. Recruit parents or occasional helpers for the weekend to help you. You never know they may after Shirejam wish to help more!
  5. You don’t have to buy Shirejam merchandise for all your young people, anyone can buy this kit and have it delivered to their own address prior to the event.
  6. Brief your young people on how big this event will be and the size of the venue.

As we get closer we will be providing more top tips. Catch you later!

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