Explorer programme choices for #Shirejam2019 have been released. As part of #ShireJam2019 Explorers will be doing three different programme activities over the weekend, the first of which is a Monopoly Run around Malvern and the surrounding area. They are then able to choose the other two, subject to availability.

If you have any young people attending as Explorers then please get them to complete their preference forms. If they don’t, the Shirejam team will allocate as appropriate. Note: Young Leaders are not included in this programme if they have registered as young leaders, they will be able to join the Explorer programme in the evenings.

They can enter their preferences here:


Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who attend will be provided their programme which will involve visiting all zones, if they stay for the whole weekend.

Beavers visiting for the day will be given a fantastic taste of Shirejam and will visit different zones.


Leader allocations for activities will be provided in due course, after the site meeting mid-April with Sub-camp (District) Reps. This will inform leaders how to support the zones. Leaders time will be split fairly and only across the day zones.

Districts will support their own sub-camp evening attendance.

Updated: 28th April

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