Once the Shirejam team has been recruited and the various elements booked and formed to make Shirejam 2023, we will release booking information. To help Leaders plan - here is a time line.

  • 1

    September 2022

    Based on feedback from 2019 we will be using a more user friendly approach to booking. Full details will be provided. Groups will be able to book numbers during an 8 week window and required to pay a £10 per head deposit for Young People.

  • 2

    November 2022

    All bookings will be confirmed to groups and full invoices issued. FULL payment will be required by March 2023.

  • 3

    March 2023

    Options for activities, if appropriate, will be provided to all Groups to take part in Shirejam.

    Full payments due.

  • 4

    June 2023

    Final Leaders packs will be issued to the Group Booking Lead.

8th July 2023 - Shirejam Starts!