Prices and Tickets

  • Prices are for base tickets for GROUP BOOKINGS ONLY
  • The price your group may charge may vary with added food and transport costs. This is not a catered event.
  • The ticket value is the cost of the deposit per person attending.
£46 Arriving by group transport 7+ YP in vehicles
£55 Arriving in cars
£50 Local District (Scouts The Malverns)
£10 Adult Volunteer
£30 Squirrels and Beaver Day Visitor
£30 Young Person Day Visitor (Based on individual needs assessments)
  • We will capture Adult Day visitors nearer the time
  • You will be able to add numbers to groups post-booking closing upto the end of March 2023, after March there will be an extra £5 per person increase in fee added.
  • Any groups not booked on after the closing date prescribed by your County may be subject to an extra £5 per person increase in fee added. The final deadline for all bookings is 31st March 2023
  • All bookings must be paid in full by 1st May 2023


We will only accept bookings from official Group contacts for Youth bookings.