Prices and Tickets

By booking your deposits you are committing to the full ticket price of every space you book. This is because we are planning and booking activities/resources based on the initial numbers submitted. As an event we are striving to make it as cost-effective and accessible as possible, leaving us with tight margins to work with. We thank you for your co-operation with us.

If you were to book for 40 spaces in deposits (stage 1), but in stage 2 (where you tell us names and info) you discover that you have over-ordered by 2 spaces, then you will still be charged for all 40 spaces in full.

As an event, we are only accepting electronic payments (BACS and credit/debit cards). Please note, if a cheque is sent to the team, we will destroy the cheque and notify the Group accordingly.

We have set the pricing to support our Climate Declaration agenda and also to achieve the best value we can. We ask that all members select the correct ticket type. We will advise of bookings and seek confirmation with Leaders. We also will be checking tickets on arrival. If you book the young person rate applicable to arriving by group transport at £46pp and subsequently arrive in a vehicle with less that 7 participants (excluding Scouts The Malverns participants), security will enforce a payment to the full ticket value to each of those attending. Participants will not be allowed to enter onsite until the balance is outstanding. This will only be payable by card on the gate.

All bookings subject to Scouts Hereford & Worcester Event Policy

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. There will be no £5 fee for adding young people before 31st March 2023
  2. If a pre-authorised group, new group or section opens before 31st March 2023, there will be no additional fee for booking on
  3. There’s been a few changes in the Shirejam Team with more support coming into the Leadership team to help ensure we hear the voice of those attending. You can see these details on the Shirejam web page.